Published Works


MOB Front cover

The Memory of Bridges (Glass Tortoise, 2013), a memoir; my first-person account of the reclamation of my past, a lost family and a lost history.(*Read an extract elsewhere on this site).
Wilford: an English Village in the 1950s in Maps (Five Leaves Publications, 2011).
The Power House in Staple 68, Winter 2007.

Contemporary Novel

The Esplanade The Esplanade (Weathervane Press, 2014), a novel about loss of memory and identity, a story told by two women who have met before, but have forgotten one another’s existence. (*Read an extract elsewhere on this site).

Historical Novels

Lackland's Lady (Robert Hale, 1980);
The Fortune Stone (Robert Hale, 1982);
The Shadow King (Robert Hale, 1984).

Short Story Collection


Holding Stones, a first collection of short stories, (Pewter Rose Press, 2009).

Other published short fiction

Holding Stones in Staple 68 (Winter 2007)
Lazarus in Staple 65 (Summer 2006) (*Read this story elsewhere on this site).
Sleeping Beauty, in 3D: New fiction and poetry (Laundrette Books, 2006)
Victoria online at, (December 2005) (*Read this story elsewhere on this site).
The Garden Fosseway Writers competition winner, (November 2005)
Reservoir in Staple 61 (Winter 2004)


Sunday Worship Runner-up in the National Trust Landlines poetry competition, Summer 2011. (*Read this poem on this site).
The Vicar of Derwent in Fin 4 (Spring 2010),
Wittgenstein in Ireland in Fin 3 (Summer 2009),
Poems in Staple (Winter 2003) and Poetry Nottingham International, Summer 2001, Autumn 2001 (as Feature Poet), Spring 2002, Autumn 2002, Spring 2003.


In Poetry Nottingham International, Winter 2001, Summer 2002, Summer 2003.

In Staple,
Staple 60 (Summer 2004), ‘Not Without Trace’: a review of Josephine Dickinson’s poetry collection The Voice.
Staple 64 (Spring 2006), ‘Facts of Life’: a review of Anna Wigley’s collection of short stories, Footprints.
Staple 68 (Winter 2007), ‘Awkward Relatives’: a review of Jay Merill’s short story collection, Astral Bodies.
Staple 71 (Summer 2009), ‘Friar’s Balsam,’ a review of Peter Day’s poetry collection If: Selected Poems.

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